Trevor Crawford

Trevor Crawford has been a collector of rare plants for over 55 years.

Garden legends Len Butt and Peter Tsang were his mentors.

Years (decades) of practical experience and a sharp mind for details has lead to Trevor being regarded as a treasure for garden knowledge. 

“I have spent a lot of time in the field from central New South Wales up to past Mossman northern Queensland studying cordylines along with other plants in their natural habitat.”

Trevor was a foundation member of the Palm and Cycad Society; a foundation member of the International Cordyline Society where he also held the position of Vice President for 22 years.

Trevor has written many articles on cordylines and other tropical plants for the clubs magazine TI Talk.

He is a foundation member the Aroid Society of Australia, foundation committee meeting and first general meeting were held on my property.

“I have a very keen interest in the species of cordylines particularly the diversity from area to area within Australian native cordylines. At the moment I have growing interest in aroids, particularly Australian native Rhaphidophora, Epipremnum and related species.”


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