Ross Pedley

Ross Pedley is one of the speakers at the Gardening Stage.

Ross and his family spent many years travelling around Queensland due to his teaching profession. Since returning to South East Queensland about 25 years ago he has been able to ‘put down roots’ and begin collecting plants.

Ross has been a member of Native Plants Queensland for over 20 years. He began collecting Australian natives suitable to this area and they now dominate his yard. Ross then discovered hoyas!

Initially adhering to the Australian-only mantra, he soon realised how fantastic exotic hoyas can be. Since then Ross has been collecting and ‘learning on the job’. There have been loses and mistakes made along the way but he now has one of the largest collections of hoyas in S.E. Queensland. Ross has been a regular speaker at garden clubs across S.E. Queensland and is now ready to share his knowledge and experiences with you.

Speaker Program