A dedicated learning experience has been created for children of all ages.​


Join in the fun activities at the Brisbane Garden & Plant Expo.

Event for March 2022 has been POSTPONED till later in 2022.

Children around Australia are learning about gardening in schools, at home, in community gardens and at events like this.

Kids love gardening – growing flowers and food, playing with earthworms and chickens, learning about nature, creating fantasy spaces in the garden and playing games.

Kid’s Education is a place where children can expand their knowledge and imagination in the garden.

The Kid’s Education is open to the public on:

* Saturday xxx  March – Xam to XXpm
* Sunday xxx March – Xam to XXpm

Note: Children must have an accompanying adult with them at all times while at the Brisbane Garden & Plant Expo.


Worm ManBrian the Worm Man
Special Bug and Worm Investigation
Children can investigate specimens with powerful illuminated magnifiers, featuring eight (8) resin encased insects, live composting bugs, live worm cocoons and live worms.  They can also Dig & Discover Worms – this is done by digging in active worm farm material, finding and examining live composting worms and possibly worm cocoons! 

Urban Reptiles
Reptile Experience
Children will be able to view, interact and learn about the following animals: Blue-Tongue Lizard, Shingle-Back Lizard, Bearded Dragon, Frilled Neck Lizard, Murray Short Neck Turtle, Green tree Frogs and various snakes ranging from a yellow and white 1.2 metre Albino Darwin Python to a large 3 metre Coastal Carpet Python.  

Oxley Creek Catchment Association
Giving Nature a helping hand Experience
Children can make their own bamboo insect/bee hotel using bamboo pieces and leafy foliage PLUS make their own seed ball using soil, clay and seeds.