Is this event COVID SAFE?

This event is running under a COVID Safe Event Plan as defined by the Queensland State Government. All patrons will need to abide by the COVID Safe rules as set out to attend this event.

According to current rules of the Public Health Direction as of 24th December 2021 this event is classed as a SHOWGROUND EVENT –  a showground is considered a multi-purpose venue and accordingly the rules that apply to an area of the venue are based on the use of the specific area/s at the relevant time.  

OUTSIDE AREAS – “like a market” – allows non-vaccinated people. 

INSIDE AREAS – we have cancelled all inside sites for this is event.  

It is strongly recommended that all patrons pre-purchase their tickets online.

COVID Safe questionnaire. If you do not pass the questionnaire or do not wish to comply with the COVID Safe rules, then you will not be permitted within this event. It is illegal to supply false information.