Is this event COVID-19 SAFE?

Update 23rd Feb 2022

According to latest announcement by Qld Health, the decision has been made to DELAY the March event until later in the year. Once a new date has been finalised we will announce it through social media and on this website. 
We shall continue to follow the Public Health Direction set by the Qld State Government.


Updated 11th Feb 2022

According to current rules of the Public Health Direction as of 8th Feb 2022 this event is classed as a SHOWGROUND EVENT –  a showground is considered a multi-purpose venue and accordingly the rules that apply to an area of the venue are based on the use of the specific area/s at the relevant time.  As the event is best compared to as a ‘market’ within the showgrounds, discussions with Qld Health determined that:

OUTSIDE AREAS – “like a market” – allows non-vaccinated people. 

INSIDE AREAS – we have cancelled all inside sites for this is event.  

This means, this event allows everyone to attend this event. It is however noted that people may choose to wear a face mask if they wish.
People are not required to “Check In” (scan in) for entry, however signage will be present for those who wish to Check In. 

It is strongly recommended that all patrons pre-purchase their
tickets online.