Exhibitor and Vendor Registration

Please complete the below form to apply to be an exhibitor or  vendor.
Before applying, please read the:

Complete and submit this online Registration Form and we will contact you via email or phone within 48 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Bookings are not confirmed until deposit is paid. Deposit needs to be paid within 1 week of submitting this Registration Form.

Due date for all fees is 5th January 2021.

Contact Person
Are you an Exhibitor, Vendor or NFP?
Your preference of site number (from the Site Map)
Please Itemise the Products and Services you intend to sell
Do you require Power? (FOOD VENDORS ONLY)
Please supply a list of all electrical appliances and leads that will be plugged in at the Event.
All Leads & Appliances are to be Tested & have a Current Safety inspection Tag (otherwise they will be disconnected).
All Food & Drink Vendors are required to have their own Fire Extinguisher and/or Fire Blanket.
Upload a copy of public liability insurance certificate
If you are preparing hot food to sell on the day upload a copy of your current food license or Mobile food licence
Upload a copy of your current Food Handling Certificate
  • I have read, understood and agree to the conditions prescribed in the Event Handbook and Terms and Conditions;
  • I accept and understand that event organisers may remove us from the event, if we contravene the Event Handbook or any of the Terms and Conditions as prescribed in this form;
  • I will not block or hinder any exhibitor or vendor’s access or exposure during the event;
  • I acknowledge the Refund Policy of the Event Handbook;
  • I will set up and pull down our exhibit within the time frames specified and will accept any penalty fee for non-compliance regarding cleaning of site or lateness;
  • If required by law, I have supplied a current copy of my food licence or mobile food licence, proving compliance and eligible to operate in the BCC Region;
  • I have supplied copy of $20 Million Public Liability Insurance – ‘Certificate of Currency’;

Once submitted, we will contact you via email or phone within 48 hours.

Any Questions regarding this form or the event, Phone: Ruth on 0437 110 789