Norma Ensor

Norma Ensor from Cut Above Tools is one of our speakers on the Gardening Stage.

Ernie and I started as the Qld Agents for CutAbove Tools over 5 years ago. Both of us have had a passion for gardening since our early 20’s and I studied for what was a Certificate in Horticulture way back in 1980. We had been buying CutAbove Tools’ products for years and loved them so when we decided to start positioning ourselves for retirement and wanting something to do on a part time basis, we approached Tony, the owner of CutAbove Tools, to see what could be arranged. Never would we have thought when we started this it would morph into an almost full-time job for both of us. Since then we have enjoyed our time meeting and making friends with other gardeners at various garden events and garden clubs. Selling good quality, reliable garden tools has been an interesting experience, we really enjoy it when customers drop by just to say ‘Hi’ and tell us how happy they are with our products. And I especially enjoy seeing what plants our customers have bought, after all it is about our shared love of gardening.

One of our most useful products has been our Multi V Tungsten/Carbide sharpener. At our garden club talks this is the product everyone buys. We demonstrate how to maintain your pruning tools and how to sharpen them the easy way with the Multi V. It is immeasurably satisfying to see so many gardeners who really benefit from learning how to maintain their own pruning equipment themselves.

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