Join us as an Exhibitor for the ​Brisbane Garden & Plant Expo 2019

Join us for Brisbane's BIGGEST gardening event!

5-6th October 2019 @ Brookfield Showgrounds


Do you sell plants? – YES!

Do you sell garden related products? – YES!

The Brisbane Garden & Plant Expo aims to encourage people interested in rare, ​unusual and collectable types of plants.
There will also be a full range of other commonly grown plants.
This event will have exposure via radio, newspaper, magazine and internet.
Flyers will be distributed to the public and garden clubs.
If you grow unique plants that are not seen in garden centres or hardware stores, then this event is for you.
If you have garden related products and plants to promote and sell, this event brings the buyers directly to you.


Exhibitors will be listed on the website with links and contact details, if required.


To exhibit at this event contact:
Ruth O’Dowd
Brisbane Garden & Plant Expo
PO Box 7202, MT CROSBY QLD 4306
Mobile 0437 110 789


​October is the cusp of spring and summer  in subtropical Queensland and every tourist wants to be experience that in Brisbane. The event is close to Brisbane CBD and an leisurely drive from the airport. 

This garden expo in Queensland is held in the beautiful and leafy district of Brookfield, in the western suburbs of Brisbane. 


​The spacious Brookfield Showgrounds is an open event so everyone can enjoy the wonderful subtropical climate of South East Queensland. The main speakers Hall is in the historic Community Hall.

Most of the ground surface is grass or bitumen so marquees will need to be supported by water/sand weights as spikes are not to be used to be used at the Brookfield Showgrounds site.

Marquees are the responsibility of exhibitors and must stay within the allotted space of the exhibit.

It will most likely be hot and sunny in March so please consider shade for yourself and ​your shopping clients. Remember to slip-slop-slap and drink plenty of water. March is a month when summer storms can occur in the afternoons.


Brookfield Showgrounds is welcoming to dogs but owners are responsible for their pet droppings and obedience.
Carparks are patrolled to ensure dogs are not left in cars.

*Guide and Assistance Dogs accepted.