Kate Wall

Kate Wall is an experienced Brisbane gardener who is motivated to help gardeners to better understand and therefore successful garden in our subtropical climate.
Much of her recent work has been focused on educating subtropical gardeners, here in Brisbane and all over the world through her articles on Garden Drum.
With qualifications and a background in Environmental biology, Kate is passionate about sustainability and applying sustainable practices to all things garden. Kate talks, writes and runs workshops on all aspects of sustainable gardening from reduced chemical use, better soil care and water management, recycled materials, sustainable plant sourcing and wildlife friendly gardens.
Kate’s other key passion is weeds and she is one of Australia’s leading weed educators. In addition to her many articles and radio interviews, Kate runs regular weed workshops and weed feasts here in Brisbane. Her weed focus is on looking at weeds in a new light, as agents of environmental and soil repair and from there putting weeds to use as soil indicators, as food and medicine.
Kate is President of the Queensland Herb Society, and a member of numerous other gardening groups. She is a regular speaker at garden clubs and events around SEQ and runs workshops in her own garden and in community gardens. Kate is the host and creator of Gardening In The Pub.

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