Eva Erhardt

Eva Erhardt is a passionate gardener and educator. For the last 20 years, Eva has been involved in various aspects of horticulture: organic small crop farming, garden design, nursery production and landscaping, in addition to being a trainer.

She is a firm believer that ‘Gardeners should work smarter, not harder, giving them time to enjoy their garden more’. She provides one-on-one consultations, solving garden problems, designing new gardens and redesigning existing gardens, in addition to developing a maintenance schedule according to gardeners experience, available time and lifestyle requirements.

Eva went to Agricultural College in Sweden, has been a jillaroo in Western Queensland,  delivered training for the Australian Agricultural College Corporation, studied Permaculture Design, was a horticulture volunteer in East Timor in 2000 and was a garden columnist for seven years in north Queensland.

Eva believes strongly that she is changing the world, one garden at a time.

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