New releases at the Plant Expo

Bruce Dunstan will be releasing Agave werckleii, Burle-Marx’s Giant Blue Agave for the first time at the Brisbane Garden Plant Expo next weekend.

Agave werckelii is a giant blue Agave from Costa Rica that was popularised around Rio de Janiero, Brazil by legendary designer and Landscape Architect Roberto Burle-Marx. The blue foliaged plant can grow to 4m across by 2m tall and eventually produce a spike of golden flowers 6m tall. An epic statement plant that is incredibly hardy and showy. So amazing.

Bruce will also have his full range of Anthurium, Rhipsalis, Agave and Tillandsia available. See Exhibitor List for more details.

Wanda from Grandma’s Garden will be releasing Salvia ‘Peachy Keen’ at the Plant Expo in March. Limited numbers are available.

Wanda will also have his full range of fascinating cottage garden plants available. See Exhibitor List for more details.

City Chicks are launching their new brand called Our Ancient Earth at the show.  100% pure natural Diatomaceous Earth food grade powder commonly known as DE. Visit our City Chicks stand to get our show special of buy 1 and get 1 free. That’s half price for all of Our Ancient Earth DE products.

Diatomaceous Earth is a food grade fossil flour which has 100’s of uses in the home & garden, with pets & people. It is 100% natural & originates here in Queensland. Clinical observations show benefits in boosting the immune system in people & animals as well as helping parasite & pest control in plants, pets & people. Add to kennels, cat litter, chicken coops to control pests. Use wet or dry around precious plants to stop an array of nonbeneficial bugs. Use in your home to control ants, flies & cockroaches or use as a natural oven cleaner, oil cleaner. 100’s of uses.  See Exhibitor List for more details.