Denise Purnell joins the Brisbane Garden & Plant Expo in the WORKSHOP sessions on Sunday.

Create Workshop: Create a micro-herb garden
Participants will learn about micro-herbs and take home a garden to care for.

Micro greens/herbs are regular vegetable plants started from seed rather than seedling and are harvested about 4-5 cm high rather than allowing them to grow to their full height. They are full of nutrients, energy, very healthy and taste amazing.

NOTE: To book your attendance to this workshop, click here for more details.

Denise has won floristry awards including Interflora Junior Bridal Competition and taught floristry at TAFE for 6 years. Since being part of the Earthlife team; she is now an avid gardener and knows all there is to know about the Garden Range and how to use it.

She loves applying her knowledge of the Earthlife garden range in her own garden and at the various garden shows, expos and garden talks they do around the SE Queensland and beyond.

She is also very passionate about inner personal health and wellbeing. Denise believes by applying natural fertilisers and minerals to your garden you will get the most out of your soil which will in turn get you the best vegies full of nutrients and therefore you will be healthier too.

Speaker & Workshop Program

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