Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson from Earthlife is one of our speakers at the Gardening Stage.

Colin has been actively working as a horticultural professional in the Nursery and Garden Industry in Queensland for the past 20 years. He studied both Cert III and Diploma in Horticulture and spent 13 years working in and managing several retail garden centres, and 4 years representing 2 major allied product suppliers to the horticultural industry. Having been using and selling their products since 2004 he was given the opportunity to represent Earthlife in 2016 and took the position with alacrity.
He is a fanatical plant collector and passionate gardener, with 6 acres of Land for Wildlife property in the rocky clay foothills of the Gold Coast Hinterland. His belief has always been that nature knows best when growing plants and is able to grow a wide variety of both native and exotic species without using manures, blood and bone, chemical fertilisers, pesticides or fungicides, actively practicing and promoting natural, low maintenance and environmentally friendly gardening techniques.

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