Bruce Dunstan

Bruce Dunstan is a Brisbane horticulturist who has worked in the local nursery industry for 34 years – 31 years of travelling with over 25 trips through 15 tropical countries pursuing his plant interests in heliconias, gingers, bromeliads, aroids and other rainforest monocots as well as an ever-expanding interest in other plant groups.
Bruce has been involved in the early promotion and commercialisation of landscape bromeliads, including Alcantarea and Vriesea cultivars,  since hte early 2000s.
He has served on the board of the Heliconia Society International for 17 years and also on the Board of the Bromeliad Society of Queensland for 7 years.
In the past 12 months he was featured in the book ‘Truth, Beauty, Chaos and Plants”  by Georgina Read AKA The Planthunter, appeared on Gardening Australia talking about Tillandsia bromeliads and also interviewed for ABC Radio Conversations telling his person stories of Heliconia Travels in Panama.


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