The Brisbane Garden & Plant Expo

Since 2012 the event has progressively grown and is now the largest garden show held in Brisbane, Queensland.

The March event has seen gardeners from across Australia and international visitors embraced this specialised Plant Expo during the wet season (late summer) of South East Queensland. The event adopted the following tag line to define its unique character:

…a subtropical plant collector’s paradise.

Demand by the public and the exhibitors has seen the organisers now introduce a new event later in the year – an event held in October to celebrate Spring and Summer in the subtropics.

Brisbane Garden & Plant Expo events feature a range of local and interstate expert horticulturists as guest speaker and presenters.

By sharing their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm combined with lots of avid plant sellers and educational presentations, the event provides a gardening experience that benefits children and adults.


​This event started in Ipswich in 2012 as the ‘Ipswich Plant Expo’, then developed into the ‘Ipswich Garden & Plant Expo’ … and finally the move to Brisbane resulted in the current name change.

The Brisbane Garden & Plant Expo is operated by Plant Expo (ABN 44 326 738 870).

​The event is organised by Event Coordinator Ruth O’Dowd and Horticulturist Paul Plant.