Arno King


Arno King is a keen gardener, horticulturist and designer who enjoys sharing his experiences as a speaker at various garden shows and conferences, and writing for various publications, including Gardening Australia, Garden Drum, The Diggers Club, Garden Clinic and subTropical Gardening.
Based in Brisbane, Arno has a particular interest in gardening in subtropical and tropical regions and aims to redress the limited information available on gardening, plants and techniques in the central and northern latitudes of Australia. His articles focus on popular, reliable and widely grown subtropical or tropical plants, and incorporate tips from notable gardeners, which are in danger of being lost. He has also endeavoured to develop gardening calendars that better reflect standard practices and respond to summer-dominant rainfall.
With a background in landscape design, Arno also aims to empower gardeners by addressing garden design within his talks and articles. He covers key concepts and encourages gardeners to get better outcomes in their gardens.
Arno is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Horticulture, a registered landscape architect, a registered horticulturist and an urban designer. He is a Director of the Friends of Brisbane Botanic Gardens and Sherwood Arboretum (FBBGSA), a Green Flag Judge, and also judges many garden shows and competitions. He has been featured in two popular books (Influential Australian Garden People and Contemporary Garden Design) and his work has appeared in numerous books and publications.