15 Dec 2013 – Almost Christmas and its time to make sure everyone knows about the Ipswich Plant Expo in March 2014. Garden clubs are welcome to have a stand – contact Ruth via email (info @ plantexpo.com.au) to find out more 🙂

2 Dec 2013 – tweaking up the website with all the booked exhibitors. If I have missed anyone, please email us 🙂
If you are not listed, you need to book in fast as most sites are now booked out.

28 Nov 2013 – time of a website update of content I think 🙂
I’ve been a bit slack on this as we have been putting up news items on facebook – please follow us there as well – https://www.facebook.com/IpswichPlantExpo

3 Nov 2013 – Looking forward to all these new plant sellers – keen to see their stock and to see how long it takes to be sold out. Wonderful tropical plants, collectable cottage plants, delicious fruiting trees and edible vegies. Let’s not forget the related products associated with gardening – pots, seeds, etc.

19 Oct 2013 – Good news! We are finalising negotiations with Ipswich City Council and few others to secure our sponsors and supporters!

2 October 2013 – Plans are finished, exhibitors are booking in fast. Sponsors are being negotiated with. We need sponsors so that we can maintain the incredible entry fee of only $5 per adult. A cheap entry means more money in your pockets to spend with the exhibitors.

20 July 2013 – First of the bookings for next year have come in but we are still updating the floor plan to allow people to walk more easily between the plant stalls.

14 July 2013 – We are now preparing for 2014… any ideas what we should add to next year’s event?

14th Feb 2013 – Happy Valantine’s Day everyone. Look out for signs of passion in your garden… passionfruit 🙂

28 Jan 2013 – 2013 Ipswich Australia Day Award Winners – Ipswich Plant Expo is the winner of the Community Event of the Year – Community Category Winner. Full details of winners located here.

6th Jan 2013 – Earthlife has come on board as Bronze Sponsor.

19 Nov 2012 – Great news everyone… Ipswich City Council is on board as Gold Sponsor.

16 Nov 2012 – First set of advertisements now booked in two gardening magazines.

5 Nov 2012 – Bookings are coming in fast with many of the prime positions taken within 24 hours. With new areas now opened up as part of the Expo, this means more options for exhibitors to showcase their tropical plants, fruit and vegetables, organic plant additives, fertilisers, seeds and herbs, water features, pruning tools and garden equipment.

10 Oct 2012 – Finalising speakers soon so that we can upload speaker bio, images and speaking session topics.

14 Feb 2011- Just did another update to the site with the exhibitors. If you want to know what will be for sale, check out the EXHIBITORS page.

10 Feb – Most stands are booked out! Some potential exhibitors have taken too long to pay for their stands and have been given to other keen exhibitors. Seems like a rush for prime spots has occured.

1 Feb – Updated website with new exhibitors and have been sorting out what spaces are left to fit in more exhibitors. Talks by Colin, Paul, Arno, Noel and Claire look interesting – I must remember to take the time and listen whilst I am running around busy at the event 🙂

30 Jan – Organised fliers and posters. These should be going out shortly to clubs!

23 Jan – Wow! we are getting calls from a lot of interested exhibitors as well many garden clubs wanting to book bulk tickets.

14 Jan – Have just added Facebook links to the respective Guest Speakers. If you do not already follow them on Facebook, use the links we have placed on http://plantexpo.com.au/speakers/

14 Jan – Many thanks to The Gift Tree, Rusco Markets, subTropical Gardening magazine, Plant ID and radio station River 94.9FM for supporting the event this year. Exhibitors are booking in fast so it looks like its going to be a great first launch of this specialised plant collector’s event.

12 Jan – Looks like the exhibitors are coming in fast with the date soon approaching. Will have the list of exhibitors up in a few days once we can finalise some more bookings.

10 Jan – Hooray! Finally sorted out some IT problems with the new website and we can now progress with getting this all up for the gardening public.

5 Jan – Time to pick up the communication to potential exhibitors – we are looking for specialist growers of collectable plants. This event will be broad to cover a wide range of topics AND still attract the serious passionate collectors.

1 January 2012 – HAPPY NEW YEAR… only 63 days till event!

20th Dec 2011 – booked in Colin Campbell, Paul Plant, Noel Burdette, Claire Bickle and Arno King as guest speakers – Excellent array of garden speakers. May I say the pick of the crop will be at this event!

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