Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th March 2017

8am – 4pm (Saturday) 8am – 3pm (Sunday)


Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th March 2017

8am – 4pm (Saturday) 8am – 3pm (Sunday)


Congratulations to Bindarra Daycare and Mt Tarampa State School on their winning entries:


Bindarra is 40 years old, we provide loving, authentic care

One thing lacking, is our gardens, they are so bare

We have a little plan, just have to get it going

Cause the only thing we currently do… is keep up to date with mowing

A visit from Costa is just what we need, to start putting things into play

A garden to care for, love and nourish, each and every day.

Right now we have empty garden beds, ratty plants, it’s all a bore

As a community centre with eager children we could be doing so much more!

At Bindarra we care for children well, cuddles, experiences, you name it!

But as far as gardens go, well we could do with some help to tame it

We are needing to work in our program here, it’s what really matters,

To learn a special interest in growing things, not leave them in tatters

We really are interested, our gusto will be found

Come help us Costa, please be our muse, to get things ‘off the ground.’

Bindarra Daycare


We are a small school of 42 students in the Lockyer Valley and we would love to host a visit with Costa. We would love to show Costa our gardens where we are growing tomatoes, lettuce, snow peas and shallots. We also have a couple of chickens which are great egg producers. The children are rostered on each day to work with one of our teacher aides to look after our gardens and the chickens. We collect food scraps each lunch break to give to the chooks and for the compost bin. We have also been looking at plant related topics in science across all grade levels. We have been looking at seed dispersion in years 5/6, experiments to prove seeds are living in years 3/4 and different parts of plants in years P-2. We are trying to be as self-sufficient as we can and reduce our environmental footprint with what we are doing in our school. We have limited our use of town water and switched over to mainly tanks water, we have solar power, we recycle our food scraps and we use produce from our chooks and garden in our cooking classes. Having Costa visit to talk to the children would add enormously to the work we are doing in our school.

Mt Tarampa State School

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