A passion for fruit

Valentine’s Day is coming up… and what better way to celebrate this day than with a luscious passionfruit!

Passionfruit is a short lived climbing plant with lush green leaves, stunning intricate scented flowers and delicous fruit. Life of a plant is only a few years – if it is still bearing after 5 years you are lucky as most plants only tend to last around 3 years.

If your plant is producing a lot of foliage and growth, it is likely you are applying too much fertiliser.

If the plant is producing shrunken fruit that are withered or wrinkly, the typical causes are nurtient deficiencies, stung fruit by pests (such as fruit spotting bugs and fruit fly) or poor pollination.

If fruit fall off before getting to a reasonable size, typically this is the result of poor pollination (why are there no bees!) and lack of micronutrients in the soil.

Overall these plants tend to be easy to grow in warm climates but should be treated as a short-lived plant. If your plant is 5 years or older and does not crop well, pull it out and buy a fresh one. If it is 3 years of age, keep it for another year.

Even if you do not like the fruit, the passion it can inspire with its delightful scent is sufficient reward to grow this vine.

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